Online Teleprompter is a free web app to prompt text in your browser. You can use it in any modern web browser, without limitations. Wether you want to prompt text for a speech, a play or a video, simply light on your desktop, or your tablet and play to prompt. Our solution provides several functions to customize your prompting experience, such as text size, speed and duration control or colors management.

Speed & Duration

Our online telepronpter allows you to control the speed and duration of the prompter. Depending on the speed you select, we can give you an estimate of the prompted text duration. You have total control on your speech.

Play, Pause or Stop with ease, while you give your speech. At any moment, you can chose to interrupt the prompter. The timer will also pause and you will be able to resume your speech with all the relevant information, from where you paused at.

Play, Pause & Stop

Text Size

We allow you to control the text size to give you full control on the text visibility. Depending on you distance from the screen, or your visibility preferences, you can chosse to prompt a large size text, ro smaller. The duration and speed will be recalculated to maintain precision and control.

Our online teleprompter is a responsive app. It works wether you are using a desktop screen, a tablet or a mobile phone. No installation is needed. For a better prompting experience, the bigger the screeen, the better. Online teleprompter works especially well on large screens and large tablets !

Responsive Web App

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